Saaremaa Municipality

Saaremaa Municipality Council

Tallinna 2, Kuressaare 93819
Tel +372 452 5002

The 31 member municipality council represents over 31 000 citizens of Saaremaa and is the law-giving body, equivanelt to the parliament on state level.

Coalition: Social Democratic Party (10); Reform Party (8); Centre Party (3)
Opposition: Electoral Union Islander (8); Conservative People's Party of Estonia (2).


Mrs Tiiu Aro
(Reform Party)

Chairman of Municipality Council


Saaremaa Municipality Government

Tallinna 10, Kuressaare 93819 
Tel +372 452 5000

The 6 member (the mayor and 5 vice-mayors) municipality government is the excecutive body of the municipality.

Mr Mikk Tuisk

Mayor of Saaremaa Municipality