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Saaremaa vald

Saaremaa Municipality

Population: 32 190
Area: 2718 km²
Settlements: Kuressaare town; rural towns of Aste, Kihelkonna, Kudjape, Kärla, Leisi, Nasva, Orissaare, Salme and Valjala; 427 villages.

The administrative centre of the Municipality is Kuressaare, with service centres in each of 13 rural districts to provide public services. Each district also has its own representative council, possessing a supportive role alongside the Municipality Council. Citizens of Kuressaare are represented in the Council by the Kuressaare Citizens' committee.

Municipality offers services all around Saaremaa in 13 districts and town of Kuressaare with 45 establishments: 2 cultural centres (one of them managing 16 community centres), 3 sports centres, a central library (managing 27 branch libraries), 34 schools and kindergartens, a youth work centre (managing 9 youth centres), 3 social welfare centres and a communal services establishment.

Symbols of the Municipality

Symbols on Saaremaa Muncipality: coat of arms, flag and logo


Coat of arms: jpgpngpdf

Flag: jpgpngpdf

Logo: jpgpngpdf

Guidebook to the use of symbols of Saaremaa Municipality (in Estonian)

Saaremaa Municipality Council

Tallinna 2, Kuressaare linn 93819, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond
Phone: +372 452 5002
Chairman: Jaanus Tamkivi

The 31-member Municipality Council is the representative body of local authority elected by the residents of the Municipality with the right to vote pursuant to the Municipal Council Election Act. Local councils are elected on the basis of the Local Government Council Election Act for a term of four years.

Saaremaa Municipality Government

Tallinna 10, Kuressaare linn 93819, Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond
Phone: +372 452 5000
Mayor: Mikk Tuisk

The 5-member Municipality Government, composed of mayor and four deputy mayors, is the excecutive body of the Municipality formed by the Municipality Council. Municipality Government also conducts the work of Municipality Office. More information and contacts of Municipality Office can be found here (in Estonian).